syuẁén’ct (Pronounced:  SEE-YOU-WHEN-ST) continually strives to be a safe, caring and orderly environment for students, staff and parents. We teach, model and encourage socially responsible behaviours that contribute to the school community, solve problems in peaceful ways, value diversity and defend human rights. ~ BC Safe Schools Task Force

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Our School Goals:

Continuing with our focus on the Science of Reading, we will expand our use of school-wide programs including Heggerty (primary), the 6-minute solution (grades 1-7), and systematic explicit phonics instruction to target students who are not yet meeting expectations in reading, listening, and viewing as identified through the PARS, Dibels, and report card data.


Continuing with our focus on TRC Calls to Action #57 and #63 we will turn our attention to the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) which received Royal ascent in June 2021 and the related curricular competencies in Social Studies. How will direct instruction impact students’ sense of belonging here at syuw̓én̓ct as measured through the Student Learning Survey and anecdotal street data (I feel like I belong here at  syuw̓én̓ct because …)?


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